Resilience & Innovation

Quantior Progress Conference

September 2022

The first edition of our Quantior Progress Conference focused on an issue of current importance to all industrial players: the energy consumption of their plants.
Many stress factors are directly impacting the industrial sector, including energy and environmental issues.

During our exchange, we were able to discuss the experiences of our participants, to reflect on new ways of addressing these industrial challenges and, in particular, to consider how to reduce energy costs in the factories.

During our discussion, we highlighted the importance of technology and data recovery in your plant to address these green and budgetary challenges.
With the right systems, such as the ECO Program of our Quantior Energie division, reducing your plant’s energy consumption fits into your company’s environmental and economic strategy.

We were delighted to welcome our guests in the charming setting of the Terra Parna vineyard, not far from Trnava, where our Slovak subsidiary is located.
Following the Resilience & Innovation conference, the exchange on this complex subjects continued during the event’s meal.

We were happy to get our people together around common themes and cultures.