We create Emotionally-powered Human Centric Models to Solve Challenges

Our approach

We do Emotionally powered Human Centric Models.
At the start, our focus was to build a team of passionate professionals to create added value for the European manufacturing sector.

We consider the manufacturing as a powerful vector of inclusion and a great system to mobilize collective Human intelligence, solve challenges and contribute to the improvement of our societies.

Because people and technologies are more and more interconnected, step by step we extend the manufacturing observations to other sectors and design an open model to serve a sustainable future.

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Manufacturing divisions

Quantior Groupe’s manufacturing products and services are organized around six main divisions, each focusing on different industrial competencies, collectively creating a company with specific expertise in manufacturing.

Special Lubricants and Coatings

Premium Lubricants for the performance of your industrial processes.

High-End INOX Machines and Equipments

Special Inox machines, equipments and operations for demanding environment.

Robotic and Automation

Special Machines and Automation project to increase the performance of your factory(ies).

Manufacturing Energie Efficiency

Manage your plant energy consumption thanks to data and optimize your budget.

Manufacturing Data Performance

Master the ShoopFloor Data and get the best output at your industrial asset.

Quantior Digital Enterprise

Get the Best Performance out of your Assets with Quantior Digital Solutions

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